Chanin Asvadhares 查宁

Chanin Asvadhares, M.D.

Diploma of Reproductive Medicine

He was graduated medical doctor degree in 1978, and started to explore the field of Assisted reproductive Medicine since 1984 from Heildelberg University, Germany, where it is the most famous and oldest medical school in Germany.

Not only that in 1988, he had the excellence opportunity to work in Belinson hospital, Israel, in the time when the fourth world ICSI baby was nearly born. After working as lecturer in Phramongkutklao Medical College, Mahidol University for nearly 30 years, he retired as the Directer of ART clinic center which extra background from Kobe University, Japan and DRK hospital, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.

Now he is the part of medical doctor and consultant at Stork Clinic medical center, Bangkok, Thailand
Chanin Asvadhares——博士,主任医师

Chanin Asvadhares医生是辅助生殖领域拥有30多年临床经验的权威人士。1978年他获得医学博士后便潜心研究辅助生殖医学。于1984年前往历史悠久且最富盛名的德国海德堡大学(Heildelberg University)继续深造。1988年任职于以色列Belinson医院,在此期间,世界第四例ICSI宝宝呱呱坠地。

Chanin Asvadhares医生在柬埔寨皇家军医医学院(Phramongkutklao Medical College)、玛希隆大学(Mahidol University)任教近30年,同时在柏林洪堡大学、日本神户大学、德国DRK医院任客座教授。 自2008年来,Chanin医生同时任柬埔寨皇家妇产科协会辅助生殖协会副主任委员。

目前,Chanin Asvadhares医生任隆都花遗传与不育诊疗中心的医疗总监、主任医师。