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HGNC Approved Gene Symbol: ZNF124Cytogenetic location: 1q44 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 1:247,121,974-247,172,378 (from NCBI)▼ Cloning and ExpressionDNA-bi...

HGNC Approved Gene Symbol: ZNF124

Cytogenetic location: 1q44 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 1:247,121,974-247,172,378 (from NCBI)

▼ Cloning and Expression
DNA-binding proteins that share the conserved zinc finger motif consisting of 28 amino acids, including 2 pairs of cysteine and histidine residues coordinating a zinc ion, have an important role as transcriptional regulators of gene expression and have been implicated in malignancies such as T-cell leukemia and Wilms tumor. Saleh et al. (1993) isolated and characterized 2 novel zinc finger-encoding cDNAs from a human hepatoblastoma cell line and showed that they are homologous in DNA sequence to the human Kruppel-related gene HZF-3 and appeared to be derived from a single gene by alternate mRNA splicing. One of the cDNAs, designated HZF-16.1, has 4 domains, while alternative splicing of the message gives rise to a larger product, called HZF-16.2, with 9 zinc finger domains. Despite the differential internal splicing, both the 5-prime and 3-prime untranslated sequences are identical, as are the first 3 domains. The alternatively spliced transcripts are differentially regulated in human tissues and transformed cell lines and show a different distribution of expression among human cell lines and normal human tissues.

▼ Mapping
Saleh et al. (1993) mapped the ZNF124 gene to chromosome 1q44 by in situ suppression hybridization. Saleh et al. (1993) pointed out that abnormalities in this region of 1q have been associated with various malignancies.

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