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Alternative titles; symbolsKIAA0877HGNC Approved Gene Symbol: DPY19L1Cytogenetic location: 7p14.2 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 7:34,928,880-35,038,040 (from...

Alternative titles; symbols

  • KIAA0877

HGNC Approved Gene Symbol: DPY19L1

Cytogenetic location: 7p14.2 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 7:34,928,880-35,038,040 (from NCBI)

▼ Cloning and Expression
By sequencing clones obtained from a size-fractionated human brain cDNA library, Nagase et al. (1998) cloned DPY19L1, which they designated KIAA0877. The deduced 580-amino acid protein shares significant similarity with C. elegans Dpy19. RT-PCR ELISA detected very high DPY19L1 expression in brain, lung, testis, and ovary, with high expression in heart, liver, and kidney, and lower expression in skeletal muscle, pancreas, and spleen.

By examining regions of chromosomes 7 and 12 containing low-copy repeats of a sequence similar to C. elegans Dpy19, Carson et al. (2006) identified DPY19L1, DPY19L2 (613893), and 6 related pseudogenes. Database analysis revealed 2 additional human genes, DPY19L3 (613894) and DPY19L4 (613895), as well as mouse orthologs of all 4 functional human genes. The deduced 675-amino acid human DPY19L1 protein contains at least 9 transmembrane domains. RT-PCR of human tissues revealed variable but ubiquitous DPY19L1 expression.

▼ Gene Structure
Carson et al. (2006) determined that the DPY19L1 gene contains 22 exons.

▼ Mapping
By genomic sequence analysis, Carson et al. (2006) mapped the DPY19L1 gene to chromosome 7p14.3. They mapped the mouse Dpy19l1 gene to a region of chromosome 9 that shares homology of synteny with human chromosome 7p14.3.

▼ Evolution
Carson et al. (2006) found that an ancient Dpy19 gene duplication occurred prior to mammalian divergence. Invertebrates have a single Dpy19 gene, while all vertebrates have at least 3 homologous copies, DPY19L1, DPY19L3, and DPY19L4. DPY19L2 appears to have arisen prior to mammalian divergence and is found in all mammals examined, including the metatherian opossum.

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