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Alternative titles; symbolsmiRNA570HGNC Approved Gene Symbol: MIR570Cytogenetic location: 3q29 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 3:195,699,400-195,699,496 (from ...

Alternative titles; symbols

  • miRNA570

HGNC Approved Gene Symbol: MIR570

Cytogenetic location: 3q29 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 3:195,699,400-195,699,496 (from NCBI)

▼ Description

MicroRNAs (miRNAs), such as MIR570, are small noncoding RNAs that regulate gene expression by interacting with short complementary seed sequences in the 3-prime UTRs of target mRNAs. Binding of miRNAs to mRNAs can inhibit translation or direct mRNA degradation (Wang et al., 2012).

▼ Gene Function

Wang et al. (2012) found that expression of CD274 (PDCD1LG1; 605402) protein was upregulated in 88 (42.9%) of 205 gastric cancers (613659) compared with matched normal tissue. In contrast, there was no difference in CD274 mRNA expression between gastric cancer and normal tissues. Eighty of the 88 cancers with CD274 upregulation had a somatic G-to-C transition at cDNA position 1268 (1268G-C). The mutation occurred in the seed region of a putative MIR570-binding site in the 3-prime UTR of CD274. Reporter gene assays and transfection studies confirmed that MIR570 downregulated CD274 expression in wildtype cells, but it did not downregulate CD274 expression in cancer cells with the 1268G-C mutation.

▼ Mapping

Hartz (2012) mapped the MIR570 gene to chromosome 3q29 based on an alignment of the MIR570 stem-loop sequence (CUAGAUAAGUUAUUAGGUGGGUGCAAAGGUAAUUGCAGUUUUUCCCAUUAUUUUAAUUGCGAAAACAGCAA UUACCUUUGCACCAACCUGAUGGAGUAAAGGUAAUUGCAGUUUUUCCC) with the genomic sequence (GRCh37).

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